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The Sydney hospitality industry is booming. Bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels and casinos are constantly looking for new people to join their team. From cocktail bars to whisky speakeasies and seafood restaurants to Italian cafes, the venues have never been more creative.

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To be able to work in hospitality anywhere in Australia, you need to have completed courses in RSA and RCG. The Responsible Service of Alcohol is legally required for anyone that works on a licensed premises e.g. bars, restaurants and hotels, and teaches the current liquor laws and service, including how to spot signs of intoxication and how to spot a fake ID. The Responsible Conduct of Gambling is a legal requirement for anyone working in a venue that enables gambling e.g. casinos and anywhere with poker machines, and teaches how to spot problem or addicted gamblers, in order to minimise the harm it can cause. To be on the safe side, it’s best to have both.

If you’re thinking about working in hospitality in Sydney, get your RSA and RCG as soon as possible. Only then can you take advantage of the hospitality career opportunities on offer in Sydney.

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