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The Barmax team consists of dynamic and experienced trainers dedicated to getting people JOBS. And that starts with effective training that is fun, easy to learn, relevant and industry compliant. We offer the dynamic and effective BarMax range of hospitality courses that are industry recognised for their approach to preparing people for work within the varied interests and capacities of the tourism and hospitality sectors.

BarMax has trained over 210000 people since our inception15 years ago and lead the industry with initiatives that have established us as market leaders.

The accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) courses are highly respected and leading edge in presentation and relevance.

  • RSA Certification (theory)
    6½ hours - (SITHFAB002-Provide responsible service of alcohol)
    (delivered by BarMax Australia  RTO:41242)

  • RCG Certification (theory)
    6½ hours - (SITHGAM001 - Provide responsible gambling services)
    (delivered by BarMax Australia  RTO:41242)

BarMax Bar Training

If you want to work behind a bar, serving food or drink, waiting tables or just getting a start in this exciting industry, we can train you in the skills you need to get work FAST. We can teach you all that you need with our BarMax Bar skills course or why not have a night out and enjoy making cocktails or upgrade your skills. Impress the family or friends with a Cosmopolitan, or a Mojito. We train in real bars - with real drinks - and you are trained by real bartenders and specialists in their field!

  • BarMax Bar skills course (Practical)
  • BarMax New Age Cocktails (Practical)

So, browse through our website and if you need any help beyond the internet resources we provide - call us on 02 9211 4110 for bookings anywhere we train. We look forward to helping you into your first (or second) job !

Training of the RSA course, the RCG course and Bar and Cocktail Training is regularly conducted at these locations :

SYDNEY - At Broadway, not far from Central Station (RSA Sydney, RCG Sydney,Bar Sydney,Cocktail Sydney)

PARRAMATTA - At Parramatta RSL (RSA Parramatta, RCG Parramatta, Bar skills Parramatta)

LIVERPOOL - At Mounties (RSA Liverpool, RCG Liverpool, Bar skills Liverpool)

GOSFORD - At Central Coast Leagues Club (RSA Gosford, RCG Gosford, Bar skills Gosford, Cocktail Gosford)

NEWCASTLE - At Gallipoli Legion Club and the Kent Hotel (RSA Newcastle, RCG Newcastle, Bar skills Newcastle, Cocktail Newcastle)

WOLLONGONG - At City of Wollongong Tennis Club (RSA Wollongong, RCG Wollongong, Bar skills Wollongong, Cocktail Wollongong)

ILLAWARRA - At Warilla Bowls, Shoalhaven Bowls and Dapto Dogs - subject to seasonal peak training periods.

All locations are close to rail and/or bus services and generally have easy parking nearby. They are safe, clean, well equipped and friendly places - the ideal environment for learning.

If you want to work in hospitality - our industry contact and top notch training will have you prepared and geared to a great new career.

If you have the desire and skills to be a trainer - please contact David at Head Office, who can introduce you to a great new career - preparing people for jobs and using the latest techniques and multimedia training aids around.

Course Dates and Times

Check out our handy calendar to find the course on the day and time that suits you.

Dates and Times

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Check out our handy calendar to find the course on the day and time that suits you.

Dates and Times

Beer History Timeline

1600 BC – Egyptian medical texts have hundreds of prescriptions calling for beer (Early brewers used balsam, hay, dandelion, mint and even oyster shells for flavorings)

55 BC – Roman legions introduce beer to Northern Europe

500 – 1000 AD – Brewing grows in Europe, especially in centralized production in monasteries and convents

1000 AD - Hops are introduced to the brewing process

1200 AD – Beer making commercialized in England, Germany and Austria

1420 – German brewers develop the lager method of brewing

1490’s – Columbus discovered Indians making beer from corn and black-birch sap

1516 – Bavarian brewers guilds push the Reinheitsgeobot Purity Laws, outlawing the use of anything but water, barley and hops in beer making

1602 – Dr. Alexander Nowell finds that ale lasts longer in cork- sealed glass bottles

1789 – James Madison proposed that Congress levy a low 8-cent duty pr barrel on malt liquors to “encourage the manufacture of beer in every state in the union”

1890 – Pabst is first brewer to sell over 1 million barrels in a year. The pressure in a bottle of champagne is about 90 pounds per square inch. That’s about three times the pressure in automobile tyres.

Make mine a double

The worlds strongest beer is ‘Samuel Adams’ Triple Bock, which has reached 17% alcohol by volume. To obtain this level, however, they had to use a champagne yeast.

The most expensive beer ever?

That will be $Hk20,000. In what must rank as one of the most expensive ales ever bought, a hapless New Zealander found himself slugged with a $Hk20,000 ($AU4000) credit card bill for a beer in Hong kong last year.