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RCG course NSW

Responsible Conduct of Gambling 

'Statement of Attainments' will be issued by BarMax Australia – provider number 41242.

6½ hours - (SITHGAM001- Provide responsible gambling services)
(delivered by BarMax Australia RTO:41242)
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Please read the 'Course Information Booklet' and student handbook before commencing your RSA or RCG training. .

Please visit our downloads section on our website where you will find copies of the RCG course notes, Student Handbook, and Course Information booklet. The Student Information Handbook contains the policies and procedures that are relevant to your course.
What is included in this package?
  • RCG Certification (theory)
    6½ hours - (SITHGAM001 - Provide responsible gambling services)

SITHGAM001 Provide responsible gambling services - unit of competency is the foundation for the mandatory Responsible Conduct of Gambling training for all new hoteliers, secretary managers and gaming-related staff. There are no exemptions for completion of this course and an interim Certificate is issued on the behalf of OLGR in order for you to apply for your Photo Competency card.

RCG Course
The Responsible Conduct of Gambling course is a 6 ½ hour workshop style course, fully accredited and fully approved by Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR), that has been designed for secretary managers, hoteliers, and staff of gaming venues in the New South Wales in order to satisfy the requirements of the Liquor and Gaming Regulations. The guidelines contained in this course aim to encourage a responsible, caring and professional approach to the Responsible Conduct of Gambling.Social responsibility is essential to minimise the harm associated with problem gambling and to foster venues where responsible conduct of gambling is not only employed but also accepted as best practise. The NSW Government's harm minimisation approach in addressing liquor misuse and abuse has now been adapted for gambling abuses.

This course aims to provide easy access to information including:

  • The Law.
  • Responsible and ethical promotion of gambling.
  • Strategies designed to ensure that gambling is conducted responsibly and that prevention strategies are in place to inform and educate gambling patrons at risk.

The benefits of adopting a responsible attitude to the conduct of gambling include:

  • An ethical environment in which to socialise and work.
  • A change in focus from the promotion of gambling to the promotion of quality service facilities.
  • A reduction in the social problems associated with gambling abuse.

The course provides a useful resource to assist in the ongoing promotion of the responsible conduct of gambling within the NSW gambling industry and includes a comprehensive workbook, complete with sample documentation and additional information available relevant to persons working in this industry.

Professional, approved and qualified trainers use the most up-to-date visual and training aids in this highly informative and entertaining session. The can be conducted throughout New South Wales, either onsite or at one of our pre-arranged venues.
This course Responsible Conduct of Gambling Course is fully accredited and recognised by the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR).

RCG Certificate
Completion of the RCG course is required before applying for an Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) Photo Competency Card that enables the holder to work in the gambling industry.

After successful completion of the course examination, graduates are issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment (SoA) and an interim certificate.

The interim certificate is used to obtain the OLGR Photo Competency Card.

You can apply for the OLGR Photo Competency Card at participating  Service NSW outlets (previously Australia Post) when you present your interim certificate and 100 points of identification.

The card cost of $30 is included in the course cost.

For more information about applying for the OLGR Photo Competency Card, please go to:

Special package prices are offered by Barmax when RCG is purchased with other training courses, when prepaid. See our Prices page for more great packages for times, more great packages and discounted rates.

RCG Course locations in NSW
Weekly training of the RSA, RCG, Bar and Cocktail courses are conducted in the below locations;
  • in Sydney,
  • Parramatta,
  • Liverpool,
  • Gosford on the Central Coast,
  • Hamilton in Newcastle,
  • Wollongong
  • and also regional areas.

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