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RSA Course NSW

(Classroom and Online available)

Responsible Service of Alcohol 

6½ hours - (SITHFAB002-Provide responsible service of alcohol)
(delivered by Barmax Australia)

'Statement of Attainments' will be issued by BarMax Australia provider number 41242

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Please read the 'Course Information Booklet' and student handbook before commencing your RSA or RCG training.

RSA Online

Cant get to a classroom course. Why not complete it online. For more information (Click HERE)

Please visit our downloads section on our website where you will find copies of the RSA course notes, Student Handbook, and Course Information booklet. The Student Information Handbook contains the policies and procedures that are relevant to your course.

The course is a 6 ½ hour workshop-style course that trains people involved in the licensed premises industry to be compliant with the current laws surrounding liquor and its service.Once you have successfully completed the RSA course, you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment (RSA Certificate) and an Interim Certificate issued on the behalf of the OLGR in order for you to apply for your Photo Competency card.
What is included in this package?
  • RSA Certification (theory)
    6½ hours - (SITHFAB002-Provide responsible service of alcohol)RSA Certificate
The RSA Certificate course is required by the NSW state government as mandatory training prior to gaining the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR)
Photo Competency Card, needed for employment within the licensed premises industry.

The RSA course is relevant to anyone who has contact with patrons on licensed premises, such as bar staff, courtesy and security staff,
waiters, concierge, front door and reception staff.

Training is conducted on site or at one of our training rooms. It is arguably the most accredited and sought after course of its type, with many large establishments preferring it over other providers. It focuses on improved customer service as a component of the training.The Course requires that students can demonstrate their ability to:

  • Understand and comply with the legal responsibilities associated with the service of alcohol and Harm Minimisation in New South Wales
  • Define a standard drink and understand their strengths
  • Understand the effects of alcohol on the community and individuals
  • Recognise the levels of intoxication of customers
  • Details strategies and exhibit skills in the prevention and detection of minors on licensed premises, to prevent underage drinking
  • Detail strategies and exhibit skills in the effective prevention or control of intoxication, or potentially violent or offensive behaviour customers
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the methods employed in training to improve customer service and comprehension of the new focus on alcohol service
  • Improve internal communication skills to enhance control and monitoring for improved focus on customer’s welfare
  • Improve communication with patrons in order to competently advise options available
Responsible Service of Alcohol

Completion of the RSA course is required before applying for an Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) Photo Competency Card that enables the holder to work in the licensed premises industry.

After successful completion of the course examination, graduates are issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment (SoA) and an interim certificate.

The interim certificate is used to obtain the OLGR Photo Competency Card.

You can apply for the OLGR Photo Competency Card at participating  Service NSW outlets from 1st Aug 2015 (previously Australia Post) when you present your interim certificate and 100 points of identification.

The card cost of $70 is included in the course cost.

For more information about applying for the OLGR Photo Competency Card, please go to:


RSA Course locations in NSW

Weekly training of the RSA, RCG, Bar and Cocktail courses are conducted in the below locations;

  • Broadway in Sydney,
  • Parramatta,
  • Liverpool,
  • Gosford on the Central Coast,
  • Hamilton in Newcastle,
  • Wollongong
  • and also regional areas.

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RSA Course

RSA is a mandatory course that is essential if you wish to work in any of the 16,000 premises in NSW where alcohol is sold.

We train RSA and RCG in Sydney, Newcastle, Gosford, Parramatta and Wollongong EVERY WEEk