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Competency Card FAQs

Below are commonly asked questions regarding Photo Competency Cards and Interim certificates.

The Photo competency card team at can be contacted on 1300 024 720 (option 1)  or for further information.

Please read below and follow the instructions that pertain to your circumstances.

Interim Certificates incorrect or lost

Information on your Interim certificate has been entered into the Government Licensing System.  The details on your interim must match exactly the 100 points of ID you will use at Service NSW.

Changes to interim certificates- Service NSW is now processing amendments for NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) interim certificates.

This means if students require a name or date of birth correction to their interim certificate, they can visit a Service NSW service centre to have this amended. The amendment and proof of identity check will be completed in one transaction. Students are no longer required to complete the interim certificate amendment form (CC0300) to have their details changed

You can also update some of your details, e.g. email address, mobile etc by clicking on the link her:  manage my interim/competency card

You need the Interim Certificate from your 1st course to order your card at Service NSW.

Where’s my card? It hasn’t arrived in the mail.

Firstly, you must visit your nearest Service NSW (see link below), with your 100 points of ID, printed Interim certificate and follow the instructions as per the second page (Barcode at top).

It takes up to 4 weeks after you go to Service NSW and have your photo taken and 100-point ID check, for your card to arrive via Australia Post.

The card will be sent to the address that is on your interim certificate. If your details are incorrect and the card has already been ordered, you can follow the steps below to order a new card.

In the meantime, you can also sign up for a MyServiceNSW account and download the Service NSW app and digital competency card on your smartphone, which is recognised under the law. See

I need a new card, I’ve lost my card or it was stolen. What do I do?

If stolen or lost report it to the police and get an event number.

Then apply to Liquor & Gaming NSW for a replacement using form (CC0500) Click Here

There is a fee and the card will take 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Competency Card renewals

You should not repeat full courses at training providers.  This will not extend your competency card and subsequent interim certificates cannot be used at Service NSW to order a card.

You can renew your photo competency card in the last 90 days before your current card expires, by completing the online refresher training and paying a $40 renewal fee.

Keep your contact details on your competency card record up to date. You will get an SMS and/or email with a link in the last 90 days, if your details are up to date. For the  renewals and links, Click Here

The competency card team at Liquor & Gaming NSW can be contacted on  1300 024 720 (opion1)  or for further information.