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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RSA?

Responsible Service of Alcohol. It is a 1-day course required by law for anyone working on licensed premises where alcohol is served. It teaches you your legal responsibilities and harm minimisation requirements when you are serving alcohol – or if you work around its delivery or management – such as with Security, Gaming staff or even liquor sales and promotion. You will also learn about fake ID’s, how to recognise signs of intoxication and sensible methods and practices to deal with minimising the effects of intoxication. It is a lot of common sense put into legal terms. This course is all theory; you will learn nothing about pouring drinks, you will need to enrol in our practical bar skills course for that.

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Is my RSA valid in other states?

Your RSA Statement of Attainment (as issued by BarMax), is valid in Western Australia and shortly Northern Territory and South Australia.

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Can I do an RSA bridging course?

Yes, provided you have a valid RSA issued from another state, you may complete a bridging course (as set by the L&GNSW). The cost of this course is the same as the normal L&GNSW course but will take approximately half the time to complete

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I did my RSA course some years ago, is it still valid?

As of the 22nd August 2011 the L&GNSW changed the requirements for RSA’s. Prior to this date a paper certificate was issued. After this date the L&GNSW is issuing plastic (driving licence size) photo competency cards. The expiry dates for the older paper certificates may be found at the following link;
Some employers may ask you to provide a photo competency card even though your paper certificate is still valid (according to the L&GNSW). Is is your choice whether to risk upsetting your employer or sit a new course which you will be required to do in the near future to obtain your Photo Competency Card. You CANNOT exchange, swap or RPL your paper certificate for a photo competency card, you must sit a new RSA course.

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What is RCG?

Responsible Conduct of Gambling. It is a 1-day course required by law for anyone working around poker machines in hotels and registered clubs, to teach you your legal responsibilities, harm minimisation requirements, and what to do if approached by a problem gambler whilst you are in the gaming area. The responsibilities are not limited purely to Gaming Room staff – as bar staff often have gaming patron contact. This course is another proactive measure by the NSW government.

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Why would I need RCG?

Most hotels and Clubs prefer to have staff that can work anywhere. If a “pokie” patron wanders to the bar —that bar person must have their RCG. Without an RCG qualification, you may not be considered for employment in most clubs and hotels – and about 70% of jobs in licensed premises. Having your RCG gives you more job opportunities.

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What is a Photo Competency Card?

Following changes introduced on 22 August 2011, graduates of approved Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and/or Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) courses in NSW, must apply for their photo competency card from a Service NSW outlet from 1st Aug 2015 (previously Australia Post), to work in roles that require this qualification. This includes jobs involving serving or selling alcohol, as a liquor licensee, or working in a security role at licensed venues or licensed events in NSW.

RSA and RCG paper certificates are no longer issued in NSW, except as an interim certificate issued by an approved training provider. The interim certificate allows a course graduate to immediately work for up to 90 days in roles that require this competency and provides sufficient time for a graduate to visit a participating Service NSW outlet, apply for their card and have it processed and mailed to them. You MUST carry your card at all times when you are working

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What is BarMax Bar Skills course?

The bar course is a fun and easy way to learn the skills that will prepare you for the basics in bartending. You will learn at a real bar with real drinks. We’ll train you in all the essentials: opening and closing a bar, restocking, pouring beer, wine and spirits, making mixed drinks and how to use all the basic equipment. We create ‘real life’ scenarios where you will be role-playing order-taking, preparing drinks and serving with your classmates. It will give you the skills and confidence to know what you are doing when you are out there working. This is the fun course, the practical one. RSA and RCG are all theory. Having the bar course + RSA + RCG will make you more employable.

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What should I wear for the Bar Course?

For BarMax Bar Skills course we ask attendees to wear dark or black clothing, nothing fancy – plus enclosed shoes. If you do not have all dark or all black, that is fine, but wearing black gets you into the feel of what it will be like to work in the industry. You MUST have enclosed shoes or you won’t be allowed into the course. We want to keep your toes safe!

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I’m under 18—can I still do the course?

You may train in our RSA and RCG at any age – even under 18 years old. Having the photo competency card may be required by your employer even if you do not serve alcohol. You may NOT serve alcohol even if you have your RSA competency card if you are under 18.
You must be over 18 to undertake our practical bar or cocktail courses as many of our training premises for these courses are on licensed premises

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Do you get me a job?

No. No-one can guarantee a job, or your ability to work or even to turn up. That said, it is not hard if you try. At certain times of the year there are more jobs than people looking! What you need is your RSA, RCG and proof of some bar skills. Add to that good personal presentation and a desire to work. We do have bars contact us looking for staff and we are more than happy to pass attendee details on to employers after approval. Better still—watch out on our Facebook web page for job offers!!!

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Can Centerlink pay for me?

Centrelink can not directly pay for your course however if you are registered with a ‘Job Active’ partner e.g Mission Providence, they may be able to subsidise the payment on your behalf. Barmax requires a purchase order or a letterhead faxed to us by your Job Active case manger stating that they (the Job Active member) will pay for their client (you) to complete the course(s). Upon receipt of the purchase order you will be booked into your chosen course(s) and a copy of your booking confirmation will be sent to you.

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Can I pay by cheque?

We will not accept personal, business or travellers cheques on the day of training. We prefer payment in full for your course or package fees using our ‘online’ booking form and your credit/debit card. Payment by invoice may be acceptable by prior arrangement with management only and cheques must be sent to our head office a minimum of 7 days before course commencement.

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Can I pay my Package in installments?

No. Single or multiple courses must be paid in full at the time of booking.

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Are there any dress regulations?

There are dress regulations for the courses that are held at Registered clubs (RSL’s, Social or Leagues Clubs). Rules vary from place to place but the following can be taken as a guide: NO shorts, torn jeans, thongs, hats, sandals or singlets. These are not our rules: they are the club’s and by failing to adhere to their policies you may be prevented from entering the club.

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I lost my certificate—how do I get a new one?

There is an administration fee of $50 per unit of competency for all certificates (eg CLGCA, OLGR, Bar, Cocktail or FSS,) which includes all administration and certificate costs. From this site you can download a Certificate Reissue Form on our downloads page applicable to the time when you completed your courses.

If you completed your RSA or RCG course prior to the Aug 21st 2011 your Statement of Attainment certificate will need to be reissued by The Australasian College (MHM Australasia PTY LTD)

If you completed your RSA or RCG course between Jan 1st 2014 to Dec 31st 2015 you will need to contact St Patricks Institute of Education (SPIE) for a reissue of your ‘Statement of Attainment’ certificate.

Reissues are completed every Friday so all completed paperwork and payment must be in our office by the prior Thursday 5pm. If you wish to have your reissue processed within 24 hours of receipt of payment the fee and completed reissue form the fee will be $75 per certificate. An additional $10 will be charged if you wish to have your certificate posted by ‘Express Post’.

For lost NSW L&GNSW ‘Interim Certificates’ you may phone L&GNSW  on 1300 024 720 (option 1) to have re-issued or BarMax can re-issue at an admin charge of $15 by email.

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I lost my Photo Competency Card—how do I get a new one?

If you completed your RSA or RCG courses after Aug 21st 2011 you will need to contact L&GNSW for re-issue.
For further information please follow the following link;