As a government requirement, all students are required to provide their Unique Student Identifier (USI). By completing this course you are a student now.

Visit USI website (via button) to FIND/APPLY for your USI. It is a one-off application, free & takes less than 5 minutes.


Due to recent upgrade some students are experiencing technical issues. Please press CONTROL + F5 buttons at the same time to refresh and upload latest files before completing form

Call (02) 9211 4110 (option 1) if you require assistance.

Complete the registration form below ensuring all details are correctly entered.

A check on on your USI will be conducted so ensure all details are correct, eg your name matches your photo ID.

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IMPORTANT: Before proceeding to Payment section.

  1.     Ensure the actual time is CORRECT on your device. NAB requires time to be within 5 minutes of current time. Some devices may still display ‘daylight savings time’.
  2.     Have your  debit/credit card (VISA/Mastercard) details ready to enter on the next page.


Want to pay with a ‘Purchase Order’ and require an Invoice?

Complete the Agent ID section below by entering company email and press submit to populate Invoice option above. Must be registered on BarMax database.

BarMax on (02) 9211 4110.