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The Responsible Service of Alcohol is a fully accredited unit of competency under the Nationally Recognised Training from the  Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package with the course code SITHFAB021-Provide responsible service of alcohol. This course is also known as RSA this course is delivered by BarMax in either classroom (face to face) format or online format.

Both forms of delivery provide exactly the same eligibility for a NSW Photo Competency Card as issued by L&GNSW

Whereas the Classroom format will take 1 day, the online format allows for self paced learning (complete within 30 days) in the location of your choosing e.g. at home.

Note: Due to an ESOS exemption students on a Student visa 500 are now eligible for enrolment in this course. (Click here for more info)

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There are no academic pre-requisites for this course.

To ensure learners have the best possible chance at completing and understanding the required knowledge and skills the RSA course has a combination of plain English, photos, videos and questions.

You are required to provide a Valid Photo ID comprising either;

  • a current NSW motor vehicle driver or rider’s licence or permit, or a licence or permit issued by another state or territory or under the law of another country;
  • a current NSW Photo Card;
  • a current proof of age card issued by a public authority of the Commonwealth or of another
    state or territory; or
  • a valid and current Australian or foreign passport.

Can I work straight after completing my course?

Once you have successfully completed and passed your course it will take between 24 and 48 hours for you to receive your ‘interim certificate’. This certificate will enable you to work on licenced premises for 90 days. During this time you must apply for your Photo Competency Card or you wont be able to work after the 90 days are expired until you apply for your card using the Interim certificate supplied.

How do I get my Photo Competency Card?

After completion of the course you will receive an Interim Certificate (2 page document ). The first page allows you to legally work for 90 days 1st page. The second page is valid for 5 years and contains a bar-code.

After receipt of your Interim Certificate, you must visit participating Service NSW outlets , present your interim (2nd page with bar-code) along with 100 points of ID.

Service NSW will then verify your identity and a photo will be taken and added to your profile for processing. Cards take 3-4 weeks to arrive hence the 90 day validity on the first page of the interim.

You can also download the Service NSW App onto your phone and setup your Digital ID (Valid for working) on your phone typically within 24 hours of visiting Service NSW.

The cost of the card is $101 and is included in the course cost.

For more information about applying for the L&GNSW Photo Competency Card, Digital IDs please go to:

FAQ’s Competency Card

Liquor & Gaming

What will I learn?

  • Understand and comply with the legal responsibilities associated with the service of alcohol and Harm Minimisation in New South Wales
  • Define a standard drink and understand their strengths
  • Understand the effects of alcohol on the community and individuals
  • Recognise the levels of intoxication of customers
  • Detail strategies and exhibit skills in the prevention and detection of minors on licensed premises, to prevent underage drinking
  • Detail strategies and exhibit skills in the effective prevention or control of intoxication, or potentially violent or offensive behaviour customers
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the methods employed in training to improve customer service and comprehension of the new focus on alcohol service
  • Improve internal communication skills to enhance control and monitoring for improved focus on customer’s welfare
  • Improve communication with patrons in order to competently advise options available

RSA Course locations in NSW

Weekly training of the RSA, RCG, Bar are conducted in the below locations;

    • Liverpool,
    • Gosford on the Central Coast
    • Hamilton in Newcastle,
    • Wollongong,
    • and also regional areas.

Statement of Attainment

‘Statement of Attainment’ will be issued by 1-AAA Barmax Pty Ltd –  provider number 41242.  These may be used as an RSA for working on licenced premises in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

RSA Student Course notes, Student Handbook and the Course Brochure

Please visit our downloads section on our website where you will find copies of the RSA course notes, Student Handbook, and Course Brochure. The Student Handbook contains the policies and procedures that are relevant to your course.

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