RSA Gosford

Gosford and Central Coast Courses

 Courses currently not available at this location.
Dane Drive, Gosford, NSW (opposite Blue Tongue Stadium)

Courses available:


The RSA, RCG, and Bar Skills courses are held at this venue weekly during our peak period with cocktail skills  being held monthly.

You can view all dates and times on our calendar (book course tab above)

 This is the longest serving major club on the Central Coast and is both well-known and brilliantly located with parking, buses and trains nearby.

What to bring?

Bring a pen, and valid photo ID to each course i.e. driver’s licence, passport, student card or equivalent.

What do I wear?
Dress requirements for all theory courses are ‘casual’ but thongs and singlets are not permitted in any venue.

Dress requirements for all practical courses (Bar or Cocktail) are enclosed shoes. A failure to wear enclosed shoes would prevent entry to the course(s) and incur a $50 rescheduling fee.

Not 18 yet?

No problem, you may attend all courses except Bar and Cocktail.

What time to be there?

Attend all courses 15 minutes before the start time for course registration.

If you arrive after the nominated start time you will be refused entry which will incur a rescheduling fee of $50. See ‘calendar’ for start times.

Getting There

Car Parking
Parking is easy around the club – or in it’s own carpark. All day and night.


Local buses terminate close to the Club, mostly near the station, or along the Pacific Highway.


Trains alight at the Gosford station – and then a short walk south to the Club


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