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Agent ID – RSA Online Direct booking page

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By completing the below form and upon successful submission your client will be able to start the course once they receive a confirmation email that will contain instructions. 

Instructions to register directly into the RSA Online with different paymetn options

Credit Card

  1. Complete the Registration page below, ensuring all details of your client are correct.
  2. If paying via credit Card. Enter into the field below the payment method an alternate email address (eg company) for emailing a duplicate copy of receipt to yourself
  3. Submit form and make payment with a valid Visa or Mastercard
  4. Once registered your client will receive a confirmation email for each course and a receipt with all details included. (Check junk/Spam folders too)

Invoice (Account Customers Only)

If you are a registered AGENT with BarMax you can use this page to directly book your client into the RSA Online course. By using the Agent id this means you would like BarMax to send you an Invoice upon receipt of a Purchase Order. In order to do this you need to follow the below 

In order to change the payment method from credit card to Invoice you will need to enter your registered email address

Note: Only enter  AGENT ID if you want us to invoice you.

  1. Complete the Registration page below, ensuring all details of your client are correct.
  2. Scroll down to Account Customers only section (Agent ID) and enter your registered email address and press submit/verify button. Invoice option should now replace the credit card option,
  3. Select Invoice and then click submit once all details above have been entered.
  4. Successful registration page should now appear
  5. Email is sent to AGENT requesting a Purchase order be sent to accounts
  6. Student receives a confirmation email (copy to AGENT) with instructions to start the course.

    Please ensure you(check junk/Spam folders
The Course Date is not valid

Course Date is not Active and Scheduled

*Prices above include the cost of the Photo Competency Card


Want to pay with a ‘Purchase Order’ and require an Invoice?

Complete the Agent ID section below by entering company email and press submit to populate Invoice option above. Must be registered on BarMax database.

BarMax on (02) 9211 4110.

Full Terms and Conditions

If you are experiencing difficulties with booking please phone:  02 92114110.