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RCG – Practical Verbal Assessment

RCG SITHGAM022– Provide responsible gambling services

PREPARATION – Student Assessment of Verbal Communication skills

BarMax have compiled short videos to assist in preparing you for your role play assessment of your Verbal Communication Skills with the trainer.

These 1-minute videos are a guide to the types of responses your assessor will be looking for, so it is important to review each video.

To watch each video, you will need to click on the words Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, etc. which contain hyperlinks to the videos.

Watch the introduction video so you have an understanding of what will be required of you to complete this section when you get to it.

Introduction Video


Identify appropriate organisational processes in response to each of the following gambling related situations:

  1. Video 1– Customer request for self-exclusion or assistance
  2. Video 2 – Customer request for counselling services
  3. Video 3 – Venue exclusion of self-identified problem gambler
  4. Video 4 – Dealing with disputes or complaints
  5. Video 5 – Refusal of credit
  6. Video 6 – Under-age gambling


  1. Video 7aVideo 7b Provision and appropriate placement of signage, advertising and promotional materials and activities
  2. Video 8 & 9- Use of the strategies to indicate the passage of time
  3. Video 8 & 9- Use of strategies that encourage breaks in play

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