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RCG Virtual Classroom – Student notes and Activity Sheet

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RCG Virtual Classroom – Student Notes

Course code: SITHGAM022-Provide responsible gambling services

Course Outline

This course will be completed using 2 platforms (Learning Management Systems) concurrently where the enrolment, payment and identity validation, assessment are completed using the BarMax virtual classroom platform The other platform being Zoom which will be led by a Trainer with real-time student interaction from the beginning of the course to the end of the course .

This course will be completed in 2 parts.

Part 1 – To be presented by way of a video conferencing application called Zoom, with the trainer providing breaks throughout the day.

The details of this Zoom meeting will be provided in the reminder email that you will receive the day before your scheduled course.

Part 2 – The assessment section will be conducted in the BarMax Online – Learning management System (not Zoom) which you will need to login when instructed by your trainer. You will have a set amount of time to complete this assessment. This section will be unlocked by your trainer when he is ready for you to commence.

Your course resources can be downloaded or viewed by clicking on the links below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To successfully complete the assessment to you will need to download the ‘RCG Student Course notes ‘ by clicking on the links above.

We recommend you save a copy of the handbook to your preferred location on your computer so that you can easily locate it. e.g. ‘your desktop’. As there are a lot of pages, there is no requirement to print this out.

For the Student Activity and Practical Assessment Guidance notes you will need to PRINT these out as the trainer will refer to this throughout the Zoom sessions and you will be writing on this document

Tip: To assist in finding the relevant section within the NSW RCG course handbook, you can use the search function on your computer by using the below combination of buttons and typing in Key words e.g. ‘Self-Exclusion’

  • For Windows users: Press ‘Control + F’ keys at same time.
  • For Mac/Apple use: Press ‘Command + F’ keys at the same time.You will need PDF reader software to open these documents. If you cannot open the PDF download the FREE Adobe PDF reader  (CLICK HERE).

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