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RSA RCG Photo Card Renewals

Have you completed a NSW RSA or RCG course within the last 5 years ? 

  • If your answer is NO to the above please continue booking your courses.
  • If the answer is YES to the above then you need to read the important information below before continuing.

For more information you visit visit Liqour & Gaming NSW – Competency Cards

If you answered yes then you should have one or both of the below items already, either an Interim Certificate or Photo Competency Card . You cannot complete another RSA or RCG course UNLESS your photo card (not interim)  has expired by more than 28 days.

  • Is your photo card nearing its expiry date.  Has it expired?? Click here for frequently asked questions on why and how to RENEW.

Interim certificate consists of 2 pages.

  • Page 1 – of the Interim is ONLY valid for 90 days which allows you to legally work without a competency card up until the expiry date.
    Warning: If page 1 has expired and you have not received your card, you cannot work until you have your card unless you have a Digital ID available from Service NSW
  • Page 2 – Valid for 5 years from the day you sat your course meaning you can still apply even if 1st page has expired.
    The second page is used for applying for the photo competency card at any Service NSW outlet where they will scan the bar code, check your 100 points of ID and then take a photo.

Click here for Competency Card FAQ’s

Note: Photo cards can take 3 or more weeks to arrive. Don’t delay in applying as ‘Page 1’ cannot be extended. You can however also apply for Digital Photo ID 

If your Competency card or Interim is approaching its 5 year expiry mark, see below link for renewal process or contact the competency card team at Liquor and Gaming on 1300 024 720

Further information about renewing your competency card, and how to update your contact details is available on the Liquor & Gaming Website.

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