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Virtual Classroom Code of Conduct


During your virtual classroom there are a number of items and points below that you must follow for your course.


  • For the duration of the class, you will be recorded for audit purposes.

  • You are required to answer questions posed by your trainer throughout the day to achieve competency.

  • You should be located in a quite area, conducive to a learning environment, not subject to distraction (e.g., friends, pets, housemates) and to be a ‘positive’ listener.

  • You need to be able to write and complete worksheets, i.e., at a desk or table as the trainer will refer to these throughout the day.

  • A written and verbal assessment is mandatory.

  • Your full attention to the course is required for the day.

  • Should your internet continue to drop out, it will be necessary for you to leave the meeting for this course.

  • If you are offline or not visible to trainer for more than 10 minutes, you will be withdrawn from the course. As a consequence, leaving the course to collect family members from school is not possible.

  • All students are to be respectful of the trainer and their environment and behave appropriately. (e.g., painting nails, playing video device games, messaging, moving around, inappropriately dressed are all examples of inappropriate conduct))

  • You must be seated at your location ready for the course at the start time.

  • Your face should be well-lit to see facial features to confirm identity.

  • Mobile phones to be switched off or on silent during the course to avoid disrupting others.

If for any reason you breach one of the above points you may be withdrawn from the Virtual classroom at the discretion of management and will need to rebook for another day, fees will apply.